Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heeello Snow!

With the first snow storm of the season, we finally had a chance to take Alex outside to play in the snow for the very first time! He was like a kid in a candy store...he couldn't get enough! His mom made sure to put on about 8 layers of clothes to keep him warm and he ended up looking kinda like the kid from the "Christmas Story". Here are some fun pics of Alex playing around:

View of the mountains from our house...bbrrr...just a little chilly.

Alex putting on his best frozen-face cheezer.

Alex having his first bite of snow...mmmm, yummy!

Alex helping daddy shovel the snow...don't worry, I only had him do his half of the walkway and I did mine...its never too early to put the kids to work.

Here is my wife showing Alex how to make the perfect snowball...not bad eh?

Alex and dad having a snowball eating contest...I only got a few licks because I think my snowball was yellow-ish...and it wasn't lemonade.

Alex seems to have perfected the snowball making skills...soon he'll be chucking these at innocent pedestrians and passing cars---just like daddy! jk

Lorena and I gettin' snuggly trying to stay warm...Lorena looking gorgeous of course...if you can't see me clearly, its because my white skin blends in with the snow.

And one last bite of snow before he goes that stuff is good!

Alex digging for hidden "treasures" in the snow...lets hope he doesn't find any

Stay tuned because in the next couple of weeks we are going to hit the slopes for Alex's first sledding experience! Nothing better than cold hands, cold feet, and frozen snot on your face while riding a piece of plastic down a hill!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Temple Square

Last Sunday, after our crazy holiday move, we went to see the lights at Temple Square with family that was still in town from the Thanksgiving holiday. We were so glad to be able to come along and be able to spend some time together in such a special place. I couldn't take many pictures of the whole gang because my hands were numb from the freezing weather, but here are a few we took with our camera.

Alex and Kayla --we miss you K.K.--

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

~Chocolate Face~

It's been a while since we've posted on our blog so here are a few pictures with proof that I DO let my son get messy sometimes -just as long as he goes straight to the sink to get washed- Ha ha! PJ was so proud of me that day! Alex loves brownies especially the miniature kind that fit perfectly in his mouth. PJ and I were cracking up just watching him enjoy his mini-brownies. Hope you like the pictures. :)